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Recipe for success in 2020

We are looking for magic formulas, effective recipes. We seek quick cures to solve our problems. We seek miracles sometimes.

Although faith is fundamental to nourishing human energy, the truth is that if we do not take action, nothing happens. By 2020 nurture and develop faith in yourself. Believe in your potential. And take action. There are some attitudes that we can develop in 2020 that will surely help make this year a memorable and happy one.

1. Let go of the past, especially what went less well – If something didn’t go as expected, learn from the situation and move on. Let go of what you are still holding in the past. Leave behind what does not contribute to a fulfilled and happy life. Have the courage to make that decision in the name of your well-being.

2. Feed your mind with information that really contributes to your progress and well-being – No more wasting time consuming fake news, no more spending too many minutes consuming all the information you find on social networks.Most of the time we tend to compare the “fabulous” life that everyone has with our simple and too “normal” reality. These comparisons diminish us, and above all, they do not let us value what we have.

3. Smile – Release positive, high energy substances/hormones into your body. Smiling helps make this phenomenon happen.

4. Value the simple things in life – If we do not thank what we have already achieved, if we do not value the person we are, we will never be able to live in a context of full happiness.Free yourself from craving for more. I am not telling you that you should stop being ambitious, and stop running after your goals. Remember: more than reaching the goal, the interesting thing is all the way to get there. So enjoy what you’ve been through, always with your eyes on the future!

5. Spend more time with your beloved ones – A study in the US asking terminally ill cancer patients what they would like to have done in their lives. The overwhelming majority responded that they wish they had spent more time with “their people”: friends, family.This message is very powerful. Time is not guaranteed, it is a blessing. So spend more time with your beloved ones. Real people, not online, please.

Be happy in 2020! Look for good energy, good people, good food, good times. Look for health and smiles.

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