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Reality of this image will surprise you.

This is the most common image seen on a wall, with windows or ventilator and lights, but would you believe that not one of them is what you see?

In fact, there is something hidden in the picture that disturbs the mind, because no one can admit by looking at it that this thing is really what is being told. If you are unsure, know that the windows or lights that are visible in it are, in fact, LED sky lights.

Yes, it is not really the windows but the lights that provide the light of day. This is designed by Japanese company Mitsubishi and the large LED screen is designed in such a way that it looks like ordinary windows or bright lights with the sunlight coming in from the outside.

The blue color that is visible in this frame is not a simple blue color, but the impression is made using a special light filler in the panel which looks like it is a blue sky.

Additionally, the color changes throughout the day and provides different lighting at noon, including sunrise and sunset, which the user can also schedule it or choose from the automatic option.

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