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Ready to eat fruits

The fruits are now being sold in packs that are ready to eat. Take for instance the pomelo which is not easy to open. In buying a pomelo, you need a knife to remove the rind. Besides, you cannot see what’s inside if the flesh is good or not. To solve this issue, vendors who sell pomelo has innovated by opening the pomelo and packing it in styrofoam with cellophane cover. A buyer is surely tempted to see the ready-to-eat pomelo in the pack.

They also do it with watermelon that are mostly sliced in either half or  in quarters. Wrapped in cellophane to show the redness of the flesh, it is one sure way of being guaranteed a good buy. Durian is also packed now because buyers are turned off with the whole durian fruit which has spikes that can hurt the hand when you open it so the vendors do it for the buyer. That innovation is good since the buyers are spared of the chore to open the fruits for eating.

  • Do you buy ready to eat fruits?

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Written by Alex Socorro


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