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Reading against anxiety

Reading for six minutes has been proven to reduce stress by 60%. Your heart rate slows, your muscles relax, and your mood improves. These physical reactions make reading as beneficial as meditation.

Picking up a book can even reduce symptoms of depression and dementia as it stimulates brain cells. Reading is thus the most effective method for stimulating the mind and preventing it from suffering from a related illness.

Having reading habits turns out to be more effective than drinking tea, listening to music, or engaging in some activity that distracts your nervous system. While it is difficult to put yourself into ‘pause’ mode and enjoy the moment, it is also proven that reading helps you sleep better, which benefits your immune system.

And now you ask: How does reading affect our brain? This activity develops the left temporal lobe, which enables the development of language as well as memory.

The truth is that stress has a direct relationship with the body. The root of most diseases stems from this problem. Therefore, when we are in this state of mind, the body is more susceptible to heart disease, blood pressure, and other psychological problems (such as depression).Take a book, find a calm and comfortable environment, and focus on what is written on the paper. It may be hard to start, but the benefits to your health speak louder.

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