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Random Image from Google Photos -no. 1

I have been using Google Photos for years now. My phone is synced to Google Photos. This way, I no longer fear that I’d lost my photos.

Once my phone connects to wi-fi, my photos and videos will be uploaded to the cloud. I know there could some concern about privacy and everything… But for now, I am willing to ignore that concern.

Before Photos, I was already using Picasa. When Google acquired Picasa, I used it more and more.

Browsing through some old photos, I thought I’d share some of those here. I plan to pick one randomly every day and share upload it here.

The first photo is what I call the Warrior Guard. A hand-sculpted gigantic wooden statue I saw while I was in Baguio City Philippines. This photo was taken sometime in 2010.

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  1. interesting article – so, if you are worried about cookies I would be more worried about this service.

    If I hack your google account i would know where you are!

    i change my google password at least once a month. i also try to keep few pictures there.

    • Thanks, doc.
      Actually, I’m not worried enough about cookies. Aside, from antivirus, I got a good web-filter/firewall… and I don’t go to potentially dangerous sites…

      As for locating me through my photos… I never turn on the geolocation tag on my phones… sometimes I wish I would… because it looks cool. hehehe,

      As for the password

      • so what if I told you they take your pictures from the IP address where they are uploaded, and that also can provide them (if you are home) your home address?

        The reality of security is simple.
        1. change passwords often
        2. update your virus scanner once a week.
        3. when a program asks to open the firewall on your computer, check first!
        4. remember this rule “it is ok to make a mistake, once!”

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