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Rainbows Everywhere in the Storm….

Hey Everyone,

Like many of you, I am at home. It’s messy and beautiful. We are drawing, dancing, laughing, crying, singing, jumping on beds, crying again, making monsters with slime, riding fantasy broom horses across the living room, finding enchanted treasure boxes under the kitchen sink or searching for crabs with our googles in the bathtub believing we are in the ocean… You might be busy, too, taking care of little ones during this time. Homeschooling, cleaning, doing the dishes, cooking, washing and sorting the laundry, too.

All that you do has the footprint of spirit, the signature of grace pouring out from your heart.

There is no greater way to live than to be in service to others. I have seen an incredible outpouring of kindness and creativity blossoming all around the world. It is truly heartwarming – people reinventing themselves, sharing their gifts and offering virtual hands to others in whatever way they see possible. We are being like the children now who see magic and rainbows everywhere in the storm.

Know that whatever you are doing (even if it’s the dishes) is an opportunity to spread kindness and raise your vibration to the frequency of love.

Thank you for all that you are pouring your heart into…

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Written by Ankush Bhalla

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  1. I am sorry I do not see anything different here. People are still jerks and not being nice and also people are not doing the right thing so others have to suffer. I will be glad when this virus is gone from our lives.

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