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Rain Beating Down

We’ll only get a drenching if we open the sunroof of our car theses days. Bored as we were with sitting at home we decided to take a drive in the rain. I had to pick up some soil and pebbles for my garden and  used it as an excuse to get out.

The trees and the slate grey skies were no inspiration for me, so I opened the sun roof and took a picture of the rain  splattering on the glass.

All my flowers are drooping in the rain, the dahlias are looking washed out and spent. The lilies are beaten down to the ground but they are not ones to be defeated. They will stand tall and proud tomorrow when the rain stops.

Life is like that too, we could droop down with the pressures of life but then should be flexible enough not to break under its weight and stand tall.

  • Do you agree that pressures of life could sometimes push us down?

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  • Do you agree that we don’t have to break under pressure?

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Written by Dawn

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