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Racism in Italy – Part 5 – Civil Duties

“Begin with a charter of Duties of Man and I promise the rights will follow as spring follows winter.” (Mahatma Gandhi)


Part 4 was about Civil Rights.

I ended up talking of labor because work is told to dignify man. Also, Italy is a democratic Republic founded on labor, so states the first article of our Constitution.

Work is both duty and right.


While duty can be moral, law is the highest authority that tells us what our obligations are. Each country has its own, it often depends on the local culture and customs. An issue within multiculturalism is merging the freedom to profess a religion with every other right and duty. Some religions (or interpretations of such) can in fact be incompatible with the national law, same for certain customs and traditions.


Back to work, I’m not done with it yet.

In Part 4 1/2 I introduced you to Toni Iwobi and said he inspired me to write this post.

“When we spend all our thoughts and energies on rights, it means there’s something wrong. Right runs along with duty. Or better, duty before right. Those who claim rights all the time have not understood what life is about, they’re likely to be exploiting a situation, or the country they live in, to gain a personal advantage.”

Toni Iwobi (source: video in Italian)


In the video, Iwobi talks about vocational training and how it is important for everyone to learn skills to get employed. Most immigrants lack skills, several Italians are as well unqualified, so this is where the government should work on, by granting everyone the right and duty to train and study, by providing the tools they need to become independent in a world where several job positions have been replaced by automation.  Many people aim for welfare instead of education, because of ignorance or unwillingness, but work is what gives value to a man, what gives wealth to a country, and we can’t afford to waste this potential by preferring welfare over education.

  • Question of

    Which right should come first?

    • Freedom to profess a religion
    • Every other right
    • Tough choice
  • Question of

    Is higher education or vocational training expensive in your country?

    • Yes
    • More or less (may be covered by scholarship)
    • No (free or cheap)


What do you think?

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Written by sabtraversa


  1. In our country, vocational or higher education is quite expensive. When people finish their studies, they have trouble finding the right job. Some people also choose to take on jobs they are not qualified for. But there are very few.

    • Yes, it’s important to offer or promote education that guarantees a job, what the country’s occupational market needs or will need soon.
      That’s what closed numbers should be there for.
      References are also a big deal, more like “nepotism” or “having the right acquaintances”, that allow you to get in a position you aren’t qualified for. Unfortunately, this often grants an unfair priority at the expenses of those who actually have the right skills and invested time and money to get them.

  2. The reality of our world is an imperfection. Life is a glass ball that we polish over and over until we notice the crack.

    Life is that crack. Within it we bind the world.

    The first thing we choose is to band together with others whose cracks match ours. Why> it is the universality of pain.

    • I understand what you mean, this topic is very stressful for me to write about too. However, it was the winning topic in a poll I made a while ago asking “What should my next post be about?”, meaning few people said they would have been interested in reading. 9 votes, and I bet some are now regretting it as much as I do. ? But hey, I promised I was going to do this and one post ended up not being enough. Good news is that only 3 posts are expected to be left and then I’m done with it for good. I just don’t feel like I can give up right now.

    • It’s like a plague, it can affect anyone anywhere, easier to infect than to cure and vaccines aren’t always effective. I’m positive humankind will be able to deal with this one and hopefully defeat it too.
      Definitely hard to talk about and I’m not done with it yet, but awareness is the first step towards the solution.