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Am I the only one in the dark here as to what is going on? I cannot respond to anyone’s comments.

There are other things that look different. It would really be nice to get a notice from the site as to what is going on and if it is only myself with these problems.

I cannot see polls, quizzes, ranks, anything on the Menu.

The font is different, smaller on all pages. 

I will not speculate as to what might be going on. 

I would appreciate some explanation from Virily please.

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    Are you having problems on the site today?

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    Noticing any changes?

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Written by Carol DM

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  1. Well, I’ve similar issues. I really don’t get it… I mean I’m frustrated and I’m not doing EQ or positive check – why is it so difficult to inform about k maintenance beforehand?

    But of course, yes, comments are back.

  2. wow, it says you have 73 views on this one!! did you really receive that many view notifis cause I know that number is often wrong… and with guest views not working……………, who knows……………… :/|

    • Lado, I am at the brink of frustration as well as I cannot get any answers from Virily. The only thing I can tell you is to hold on, hopefully whatever was done, or not done, changed, not changed, while the site was done, maybe it will be fixed. Without communication again, but I cannot change that. All I can say is take a deep breath and maybe we will see changes soon. I wish I had a better answer for you my dear friend. We have been loyal members here and deserve better.

  3. Sorry about the delay in commenting but like you, yesterday, Virily here was totally out of whack. I had the same problems with the font, the slow connection, inability to comment etc. It usually takes me a long time to really get upset over something, but yesterday was the culminating pressure point for me when it comes to Virily. Their administration never answers apparently from other comments on other posts. Well maybe they would finally answer if perhaps we could all get together and every each one of the Virilyans would send them a message and thus flood their message boards with complaints, demands on them to inform us of updates, upgrades, downtime, changes etc. It is just a suggestion… I read that they often say it is a browser problem. I do not think so because I have google and bing on my laptop and both of these browsers had the same problem with Virily yesterday. I personally think it is either their internet provider or cloudflare or their system. In any case it is on their side because every Virilyans I am pretty sure had difficulty logging in or commenting yesterday. Sorry about venting like this Carol. BTW your Eyeore cup is very cute!

    • No problem, it is still not in whack like it should be, no explanation, I am frustrated to say the least. But thanks for your comments. COMMUNICATION would solve the majority of the problems here but nobody chooses to hear me. 🙁 And remember anything you read here, unless it comes from “Virily” is only speculation. Thanks as always.

    • it was a maintenance the admin told me… yes, they said to me it was a browser before and after the maintenance everything worked fine, so i too think it wasn’t a browser.. maybe that is why they did the maintenance again or just improving the site

      • I am sure the site was probably down for maintenance. But what about all the changes that were made. And why not an announcement like most other sites do, “Updates Today”. Something that simple would help. Maybe, suppose, perhaps, these are all what if’s and speculations , nothing has been officially announced as to what happened and what the changes are. Oh well, as I said. 🙂 Fun times. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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