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Purification ~ Black & White Friday

A relative passed away this morning. He has diabetes and has had dialysis for the past three years. He is still relatively young, around forty years old. I sympathize with the sadness of the family left behind, but I also understand that the essence of our presence on earth is only the way we learn to purify our souls. To illustrate that, let me place a quote from a book written by a writer from Bali.

I heard crying in a prayer of sadness for your suffering. I feel that, my child. But in my unlimited power, I still do not always have the power to eliminate all your suffering instantly. For you alone have chosen this type of suffering as the way you understand life.

Indeed suffering is only suffering for your mind, not for your true self as a soul. The desire to be free from suffering is only the desire of your mind and body that no longer holds it back. But for your Soul, that’s the bitterness you need to experience purification.

You have long chosen the role of your own life along with all the sorrows you will experience in your chosen body. You choose all of that to be able to feel the perfection of life filled with all duality. In this life you choose, you are learning to accept grief and all other duality as part of your desires. Then feel all sadness in suffering and joy in your happiness. It will enrich your experience of the heart.

I just make myself the goal of achievement so that you are able to accept and feel grief and all duality of life in the same way. If you succeed in surpassing all of them in a calm and flowing mood in a sincere sense of belonging, you are approaching my desires.

Excerpt from the book: When the Universe Speaks “by Wayan Mustika.

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  1. Diabetes is a very dangerous and insidious illness … I know this from reading articles otherwise I would not know … nothing hurts only slowly you’re thirsty … in life after death I do not believe, dear Albert

    • You are right about the disease, dear friend. But there are also people who experience injuries and cannot recover and even worse time to time because of diabetes.

      Thank you for your opinion of life after death, but even you don’t believe it, I’m a little curious about your understanding of that perspective?

      • As you know, I’m not religious … I have nothing against religion and I go to church occasionally … for big church holidays like Christmas and Easter … I like to visit churches as a tourist too … and this posthumous life is probably derived from the church … that’s how I imagine myself as a layman … and I never even thought about a life of death … if you die all the time … I can not imagine what a life-style would look like … you will explain to me, my dear friend

        • Yes, I know and remember that you are not religious, so am I. My spiritual life today does not refer to any religion even I hold on mystics.

          There are several forms of belief about life after death, dear friend. It all depends on the religion they believe in, but basically the same, they return to their original form as spirits. Even though some believe spirits will wait until the Day of Judgment or will reincarnate, or become ghosts first, or else it depends on their religion or belief.

          • Thank you very much for the detailed explanation, my dear friend … but this is so … about the ghosts I watched a lot on TV … there were so obvious examples that I was just thinking if it really was possible … after what I was he saw it is possible that after death they are frightening …. just because you know until I’m alone I will not believe this….

  2. Ahhh. Rejoice for your loved one has, at last, gone home. And at a good age at that! Makes me want to feel envious. So is there life after death? We are never born so we never die. That is how I see it. It may be queer but my mother’s death enveloped me in peace. No matter how I arrange things in my mind, I find God’s timing and will are always right. And anyway, I do not feel like she passed away. I feel like she is on vacation in some place where I cannot afford the ticket yet.

  3. I am sorry for the loss, Albert. I send me happy energy and caring with this comment.

    The deeper question is one that I ponder frequently, as I know you do. Is there, more? As we shuffle off this mortal coil does something exist beyond what was.

  4. Diabetes is indeed a dangerous disease. However, certain conditions must be met. The lady who I care for is also diabetic. Doses are important and what they eat as food. Also, treatment with the necessary medication should not be neglected. I’m sorry that the team lost that younger member.

  5. I think everybody comes to the world with a certain mission. Some people do it faster, others later … After the mission, we all leave. I do not think there is another life, but I hope in her existence as a chance to rejoin my loved ones. I’m sorry for yout lost. RIP

    • Thank you very much, dear friend. It’s great if your family doesn’t have diabetes. I think what is difficult to avoid is if it is a hereditary factor while which suppose to be easier to be avoided is severe stress and pressure. It can be more easily overcome as long as we are able to manage our mind well, but it is indeed a tough challenge considering we live in an era full of competition.

        • As far as I know, there are basically two types of diabetes, which originate from heredity or because life’s conditions are primarily stressed or pressure, and whatever the source, lifestyle, and diet really determine the situation, and that’s where limited choices make things more difficult.

          • Yes, one diabetes is inherited that is diabetes type one. The other comes from not eating the right diet.
            You have to restrict the diet for both diabetes types.
            Depending on how bad it is, a person may need insulin as well as the diet and have to watch their sugar levels daily

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