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Protea Cynaroides Facts

Protea Cynaroides is also known as the giant protea honeypot. This plant is a native to South Africa but they are found all over the world especially in Australia, Zealand and South America.

There are many types of proteas in different shapes , sizes and colors. However, the protea cynaroides flowers come in shades of pink, red  and creamy yellow. These unusual and dramatic looking flowers have a long vase life. They are often used in dried flower displays as well as they retain their color and shape well to a large extent.

The proteas as a genius is said to be three million years old.It is also said to be named after Proteas the son of Poseidon the Greek God.

The Protea cynaroides can easily survive wildfires and droughts. They always come back strong  because of their thick stems, excellent root system and dormant underground buds.

Just one of these huge, almost gigantic looking flowers could  easily be displayed in a vase as a center piece.

The king protea flower resembles a crown and hence its name.

This flowers was adopted as the national flower of South Africa In 1976. The image of this flowers is found on the passports of South African citizens and it is imprinted on their 5 rand coins.

The South African Cricket team also takes its name from this Genus

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