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Pringle Memories

Back in 2005 a stray cat brought me her babies in the pouring rian. One by one. There were three of them. I could not get close to the Momma cat but she trusted me enough to help her take care of her babies. I gave her a bed on the patio and she took to it right away. Her and the babies. I was so excited. She finally came inside, it was really cold. She was getting used to me and my other cat I had at the time, Momma Kitty. (Dustin’s cat).

One day she didn’t come home from the night before. Her food was uneaten and her babies were still in the bed. Sadly she had gotten run over. Probably out wondering around like she always did and a car did not see her. A sad ending. But at least for a few weeks I made her and her babies comfortable. And yes I have photos of the babies. I try not to look at them very often as it makes me sad. I gave them all away and I hope they still have good homes. I named her Pringle. Not sure why, it just seemed to fit.

You can see in the photo she had made herself a new home. I had a heating pad underneath her, this photo was taken in the winter. It was very cold. I don’t know how the homeless animals survive. But she did, at least for awhile.


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Written by Carol DM

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  1. Poor miss Pringle and her young ones. Stray cats, especially females, lead a hard life. I have often seen or heard females cats leaving their litter because of lack of milk, food and proper shelter. At least she had a couple of weeks with a good life, a warm shelter, water and food. You did a good deed. And you found homes for her litter. Great job Carol. To Pringle, who probably looks down over you from cat heaven, she must be very thankful to you for giving her a last warm phase in her short life.

    • Yes they do. Even with the warm bed and food she still felt the need to wander around. You are so kind. It does give me a peaceful feeling and bittersweet at the same time. I know I can’t save the world but I can do my part.


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