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Prince Harry and Princess Meghan Markle decide to separate from the royal family

Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle decided to separate from the royal family and move to Britain. After separation from the royal family, Prince Harry and Princess Meghan Markle will no longer be senior royal, Prince Harry and his wife will likely move to North America.

The daughter-in-law of a royal family says she will live economically self made after moving from Britain to North America after several months of deliberations, we decided to separate.

Prince Harry and Meghan says they will implement an independent living decision this year. Our full support will remain with Queen UK and Crown UK and the upbringing the son will continue in accordance with royal traditions.

Prince Harry and Meghan issue a separate statement on their official Instagram. Queen Britain annually pays 5 million pounds to Prince Harry and his brother Prince William.Prince Charles also pays millions of pounds a year to his sons Harry and William. However, after Harry’s seperation, Prince Harry will no longer have the money or other facilities.

Be clear In May 2018, the British royal family’s younger sons Harry and American actress Meghan Markle got married, and the two were considered the biggest wedding of the year.

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  1. I say that ever since they got married she has had an influence on him. I have never been a fan of Harry’s. Some of the things he did he did not think about it. I hope he has matured. I like her very much in Suits and sorry that she left.


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