President Trump’s presidential campaign manager, Paul Manafort sentenced to prison in bank and tax fraud case

United States State Virginia court has sentenced Paul Manafort the President’s Trump Presidential election campaign manager to a 47-month prison jail for bank and tax fraud. He have been found guilty to hide millions of dollars earned from political consultation in Ukraine in last summer. Paul Manafort will be punished in another case next week.

These allegations have come to an investigation in Russia’s alleged interference in US presidential election. It has been said that whether the Trump’s presidential campaign won the Presidential election with help of Russian interference.Robert Muller, a US Department of Justice’s Special Representative, is believed to be ending his 22-month probe in this regard.

The 69-year-old Manafort told the Virginia court on Thursday, “The last two years were the worst years of his life.” “I am ashamed and feel embarrassed, it is to be explained shortly,” he added. He told the judge T. S. Ellis that he should have mercy on him.

Manafort also said, ‘I know this is my process that has brought me here.’ My personal and professional life is very much disturb. Judge Alice said he was surprised that Manafort has not expressed regret for being involved in the wrong practices.

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