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Powerful Vitamin D

It is known that the sun holds much of the responsibility when it comes to the possibility of life on earth: all beings need sunlight. Who has never felt sadder in a gray day? The truth is that maintaining our mental, emotional and physical health is also fostered through the energy of the sun’s rays. It is precisely here that the undeniable importance of vitamin D, a vital element for human health, comes in.

Better known as the sunshine vitamin, vitamin D is metabolized in our body, is an important nutrient in the aid of the calcium fixation in the bones and the strengthening of the immune system. Technically, this hormone is produced when the skin is exposed to sunlight. However, the great problem arises when we become aware that when we protect ourselves from the sun, through the creams with FPS, we ended up reducing its production. This fact leads many researchers in the field to believe that almost the entire world population lacks vitamin D.

How will we get enough vitamin D in our system? Protecting our skin daily with a cream that has SPF is still absolutely essential, however, if we expose ourselves to the sun for 15 minutes in the early hours of the morning we will realize the daily dose of vitamin D without the dangers of sun exposure.

The sun is the greatest biological immune protector that nature does offer us. Therefore, take the opportunity to take a walk in the open air: on the beach, in the city or in the countryside. What matters is to go out.

Fortunately, summer is coming. How about taking advantage of it to catch the sun that gives us life?

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  1. I don’t know how my Vitamin D level is. We have to be extremely careful especially in New Zealand and in Australia because an Ozone hole is over our regions
    Yes, a little sunshine is good, but our countries have the highest rates of melanoma cancers and cancer in the entire world. Due to lack of protection from the sun
    Even Coal Black people can die of this disease in New Zealand

    Certainly applying a good protective suncream is best in New Zealand and Australia.
    Best in high summer, not too long in the sun or cover up and wear a sunhat.

  2. On Friday (21.6.2019), my cardiologist told me that ‘Vitamin D’ deficiency is the cause of my paining right hand for the last few days. Now, I stumbled upon your informative post. Thank you so much.


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