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Potted plants for sale

I have been giving away seedlings for free in the name of gardening which is my passion so I am trying to encourage people to plant. A friend approached me to offer if I want to sell my seedlings. He could do it online and do the delivery as well. It would be a real business that the profit will be equally shared by the 2 of us. That is a nice proposition because online selling is the fashion and delivery is easy although the distance of delivery is limited, of course.

But before saying yes to the proposed business, my mind raced back to the days when we were living in an apartment. How I missed my plants. That was the time that I resorted to the potted plants. At least I have a small garden in the apartment even with just 4 potted plants. So I declined the offer because my intention for giving away free potted plants is to encourage people to love plants without spending for it.

  • Do you buy potted plants?

    • Yes
    • we have a big garden
    • No


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Written by Alex Socorro

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