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One of the pets  – cat Tiger 🙂 

Well, it’s not yellow in black stripes, but it really acts like a master of the yard! 

Everybody respects him when he shows up. 

The other cats’ disputes are solved by jumping in the middle of the battle and drove them away. 

Otherwise he is very kind and affectionate 🙂 

If I sit on the terrace, he comes and does his best to lie on my lap. 

But he doesn’t let me caress him! Bite me! 

Well, this is Tiger!

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Written by Georgi Tsachev

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  1. Wow Tiger, why the angry look. You sure a handsome fellow Tiger. My cat Runt would mellow you out I am sure… And please Tiger don’t bite the hand that feeds you… Sorry Georgi but I just love talking to all animals even the ones in picture like your gorgeous Tiger…

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