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Poplar Bluebird ~ Nature Tuesday

Sharing a photo snapped in my backyard. This is one of my tulip poplar trees. If you look closely you can see a bluebird perched on a limb.

I was out taking butterfly photos when I saw the bluebird fly to the tree. I did not get close as I didn’t want him to fly away. He did as soon as the camera clicked.

The bluebirds are visiting the bird bath every day now. So happy to see them. Even though I didn’t raise any this year, they still seem to find their way home. I believe the two adults I see were born in my yard. 

No way to know for sure, since they all look alike, but I choose to believe. And they had five babies somewhere close. The entire family visits the bird bath each day. All seven are such a joy to see. 

They are truly my bluebirds of happiness.

Photo ©CarolDM2019

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Written by Carol DM


  1. Yes, the Bluebird of happiness there is one in our lounge in the Blue form of our Budgie Louis. He always seems to know how to lift us up and sings happily.

    I know I would love your Bluebirds and hope these will thrive.