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Police Guard for Pistachios Garden in Italy

The pistachios in global trade, due to the extraordinary significance and interest in dry fruits, it is also called ‘Green Gold’. Therefore, Police guards Pistachios Garden in Sicily island italy.

The Police chief said , they are fully prepared for September and our 12 Cop and 6 officer will serve duty in routine wise. and if needed we will use helicopter as well.

The most expensive ‘pistachios’ is cultivated in Sicily and the pistachio trees spread over 7,400 acre in the center of the town of Brunate. This town is situated on a mountain Aetna, which is also an active volcano. Brunate Pistachios are one percent of global production but are still to much expensive as compared to other countries pistachios’.

According to the President of the Local Trade Organization, the reason is that the pistachios here is the best in flavor and color and here are only 230 authorized farmers who are allowed to cultivate it.

Due to the precious pistachio crop there is threat call of thieves. The pistachio crop grows for a year, In 2009 the thieves had stole 300kg Pistachios worth 4600 €. The area’s mayor sought the help of the police to address these problems. The police have been monitoring the area since 2011

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  1. Pistachios are the most expensive nut we have, and I can imagine how the Sicilian Bronte pistachio can be that costly. 😄 I didn’t know the town where the pistachio comes from is close to the volcano, and I didn’t even know police would guard the fields, it was a very interesting read. I usually have pistachio-flavored ice cream, and the best variety is indeed the Bronte one.
    I can’t eat pistachios all the time due to their price, but my area (north west of Italy) is known for the hazelnuts that are also good and I’m satisfied someway. 😃

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