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Poetic Lord Tennyson

Ever since I learned to love poetry I have appreciated all of the great poets throughout time. Alfred, Lord Tennyson published a book simply titled “Poems” on May 14, 1842. This volume included poems such as “Ulysses” and “Morte D’Arthur”. At this time Lord Tennyson was 32 and this work is considered to be his best.

Despite the fact that he was born into a disruptive home his father did educate his sons in the classics. Tennyson got his education at Trinity College at Cambridge in 1827. That same year he and his brother Charles came out with the book “Poems by Two Brothers”. In 1830 Tennyson published “Poems, Chiefly Lyrical”. He had to leave his education when his father died and even though he struggled with poverty he managed to publish several more books.

When his best friend English poet Arthur Hallam died in 1833 Tennyson was inspired to create more poetry which included his masterfully done “In Memoriam of 1842”. A great boost to his poetic career was the publication of “Poems” in 1842 and he was named poet laureate by Queen Victoria in 1850. The first four books of his epic “Idylls of the King” came out in 1859. These were followed by eight more volumes. Lord Tennyson continued to create and publish poems until he died in 1892.

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  1. Thank you! Just took out (and dusted) our antique leather bound book of Tennyson’s Poetical Works from our collection in the library/lounge room. 🙂

    I picked this randomly:
    “The path by which we twain did go,
    Which led by tracts that pleased us well,
    Thro’ four sweet years arose and fell,
    From flower to flower, from snow to snow:

    And we with singing cheer’d the way,
    And crown’d with all the season lent, …

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