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Please do not die now

In this era of the covid virus, the tagline of  do not die is very appropriate. I was not aware of the issue until my aunt died last week in the US. My cousin said that my aunt’s body was created within the day. There was no ceremony or religious rites like the traditional funeral and eulogy. Even if my aunt had no covid virus, they say that all deaths should undergo cremation for sanitation purposes.

So now is not the opportune time to get sick. When you are confined in the hospital, you will be suspected of the covid virus even if your case is a simple bum stomach. And when you are in a critical condition then that would bolster the suspicion. So those who die in this era are gone from our world. Just like that.

  • Do you go to the funeral?

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Written by Alex Socorro

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  1. Alex,
    I am so so sorry about your Aunt. It must be so hard for you being so far away. Here we believe in burying our dead in the ground and not cremation. It is very sad during this time for whoever here loses someone if it is from this virus or something else not many can attend the funeral and we sit for 7 days to mourn our losses and if it is a parent then 30 days and then a year not to do anything. That is an awfully long time if you have to sit at home and not be with your family.

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