Planting the cassava

Cassava is a tuber that is like taro or sweet potato. But cassava is a different tuber because it grows from a tree that usually has only 1 stem that grows tall to more than 6 feet sometimes. Then the stem or stalk gets thick like that in the picture, there is already a big tuber under the ground that is ready for harvesting. Cassava is normally planted on soft soil so it would be easy to harvest. When the soil is clay, you will have a hard time digging for the tuber.

The cassava is planted from the stem. A piece of stem that is 1 foot can serve as the planting material. Just dig the ground in a rectangular shape to accommodate the stem. With a depth of 4 to 6 inches, the stem is laid flat on the ground and covered with soil. Daily watering is preferred so the plant will grow fast. In one month the cassava plant will be 2 feet high and in 6 months it is ready for harvesting.

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