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Planting strawberries

Strawberries are small plants that grow from seeds or runners. The seeds are the small dots that can be seen on the exterior of the strawberry fruit. They are tiny and it is incredible to think that they can grow into a plant. But growing strawberry from the seed seems to be a theory and not really a practice. I had planted so many of the seeds and so many times but there was no growth whatsoever. It may not be a myth but definitely it is not practical to have a strawberry farm that you grow from the seeds.

The most common propagation of the strawberry plant is the runner. In the picture, the runner is the protruding small branch on the left. A small plant will grow from it when roots starts to grow on the soil. When the small plant has 3 or more leaves, the runner can  be severed from the mother plant and be on its own. Sometimes the runner can have 2 small plants which is a big help in propagation of the strawberry plants.

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