Planting an avocado tree

A friend asked me about the avocado tree that she had planted. She wanted to know when it will bear fruits. The usual period from the seedling to the fruiting is 7 years but there are varieties that fruits earlier or later. True to my prediction, the avocado seedling grew and after 7 years it started showing the flowers.

Planting a tree is only for the patient people because it takes time. If you are waiting for the fruits then I suggest that you buy the fruits in the market for the meantime while waiting for the seedling to grow.

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Written by Alex Socorro


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  1. I love to eat avocados, but can’t grow them here in Ireland because the temperatures drop too low in the winter and the tree does not survive. But I used to work on an avocado plantation in Israel many years ago, and that was where I learned to love their flavour and texture so much. Do you grow them yourself, Alex?

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