Pineapple is not an easy crop

The nutrition of the pineapple cannot be questioned since it has been consumed since a long time ago for its healthy properties like the juice with the vitamin C and the fiber provided by the flesh of the fruit. The canned pineapple has been with us for a very long time already and until now the pineapple products are doing great in the stores.

However, the fresh pineapple is having a problem. It takes 18 months for the pineapple to be harvested from the time of planting. Another issue is the transport of the pineapple which is not easy since pineapple plantations are far from the city. But most of all, it is not easy to peel the rind of the pineapple so that vendors would peel the pineapple first in order to have a sale.

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Written by Alex Socorro

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