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Pictorial for a print media ad

Seeing the advertisement in the magazine, the impression for the picture by the reader is just a picture from a pictorial. That is true because the photos in print ads are produced by a pictorial that can take days. Gee, is that so? Yes, the pictorial starts with the concept followed by the set or background and then the attire and look of the subject, i.e. if the subject is a person or persons.

The set is designed and the picture is to be approved. The attire of the subject is also designed and drawn for the approval. When the pictorial takes place, there is the so called first shot like a test shot that will be the basis of comments from the reviewers. Even the posing of the subjects would be commented on and probably enhanced. If the pictorial takes just half a day then that is a very efficient production.

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Written by Alex Socorro

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