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Photos by Chain Challenge ~ The healing power of trees

Ileana has taken on the new challenge of Photos Chain.

The latest link to the “Photo Chain” challenge was added by Carol. I chose the tree as an element to write about.

Old knowledge seems to be coming back to offer us tried and effective treatments. The fact that trees were once worshiped as holy and associated with the spirits and gods that were supposed to reside in them is due to the experience of the virtuous effect of trees on man. Today, we can once again believe in the miraculous power of trees, as there is already quite a bit of scientific evidence. While ancient healing techniques from human ancestors describing the use of different types of trees for the treatment of physical and mental illness have, until recently, been equated by many with magic rituals and superstition, a number of scientists have approached research into the effect of these techniques and evidence on the healing effects of trees and the wisdom of our ancestors overthrew such beliefs. In modern medicine, even a special direction, called dendrotherapy, has emerged, which uses the energy of trees or trees for healing. human communication with trees.

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  1. I just live trees just to look at them, feel their magic and reduce the need for the AC in the summertime. Looking at trees relaxes me and will sometime put me to sleep when I see the branches swaying in the wind. Your picture presents a gorgeous and lovely and relaxing area….


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