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Photo of the Day- Huge Grasshopper

This was actually taken a week ago. My eldest son was the first one to spot this huge grasshopper perched on our young citrus tree. It was perfectly camouflaged with all the greens around it. I wasn’t able to see until I got really close to the tree.

I thought it was two inches long from the head to its butt. Not including the antennae. I took some snapshots of it. I guess it was quite busy munching on the leaves and it was not bothered even if moved some of the leaves away from my phone’s point of view.

I wanted to grab it and put it where I can get a better picture of it. But I realized something is wrong or missing with this grasshopper.

Do you see it? Or rather not see it?

  • Do you see (or don’t see) what’s missing on this grasshopper?

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    • Usually, I grab the grasshoppers by the wings… If you noticed in my description, my estimate for its length is from head to butt… that butt should have been covered by its wings…

      Butt…. I mean but… this one has no wings…

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