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Photo Challenge 365 days: #11 and ShowFace-challenge Accepted: Mmmmm…so this is Mavic.

Ok, I want to shoot the birds using a stone.  (I am not violent).  What I meant to say is that I will take thetwo challenges at the same time. Ha! I really couldn’t cope with the writing time.  You know regular work is always a hindrance to the fun.  Tsk!    Now I am giving it a shot with these shots.

Photo Challenge: Selfie.  This is the way on how a person takes pictures of herself/himself. Andy Warhol who was a great artist/photographer  was the one who introduced the concept of selfie.  He took pictures of himself and sometimes with friends.  Then Paris Hilton as a trend setter made it trendy.  She used her digital camera because phones with built-in cameras were not in the market yet.

I am not fond of selfies but sometimes I give in.  i always take picture of those people who taking photos of themselves.  I wonder if they take picture of me too.  Anyway they take picture even to the point of risking their lives. Selfie? Pose, smile, click!

mmmm… this is me…mavic It’s nice to meet you.

  • Sorry I forgot to shave… do you shave every day?

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  • Are fond of taking picture of yourself?

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