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Perfect Peace – Lessons From A Stray Dog

Watching this stray dog while sitting on a park bench made me reflect on these things. This guy was at perfect peace even while people around him caused so much disturbance. He slept right in the middle of the walk way with hundreds of people walking around him. When he woke up he was as happy as he was while asleep, he wagged his tail and came up to me, I handed him a couple of cookies that I had with me and he seemed pretty content with it.

Peace is not what you find on the mountain top away from the distractions of the world. Peace is being able to do your best in the worst circumstances.

Peace isn’t about what happens around, it is about what happens within.

Peace is a state of mind you cultivate and put to use at tough times.

Peace is being happy, enjoying your day even though the circumstances aren’t so conducive.

Peace is finding rest within yourself.

It is about You!!

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    Are you always at peace?

    • Yes
    • No
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    You can have peace even when things go wrong, right?

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    • No


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Written by Dawn

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  1. We do not have stray dogs … we are in the village and everyone takes care of their dog …. you can find some stray cat …. I am a person who is very difficult at peace …. I had a lot of problems at school because I was never alone

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