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Penguins also 'talk' underwater

At least three species of beautiful aquatic birds, penguins, have been revealed as they talk to each other in the depths of the water. However, 50% of their different voices can be related to hunting or food issues.

We know that penguins are extraordinary and intriguing, with their ability to dive, and can go from 20 to 500 meters deep and hunt for fish, curls or squids. Do these animals emit sound even underwater? In this regard, Nelson Mandela University of South Africa has done some experiments and made videos. They has researched King Penguin, Ganto Penguin and Macaroni Penguin in this regard.

Scientists have created 203 video clips in the depths of the ocean for five consecutive hours. Of these, 34 have been made of King Penguin, one for Macaroni Penguin and 168 for Ganto Penguin.

King penguin can go up to 200 meters deep and hunt for fish. The macaroni penguin, can dive a maximum of 10 meters and hunt small shrubs and curls. The three types of penguins emitted 73% of their voices when they were diving downward and at the same time they hunt.

About 50% of the voices are related to the hunting of these animals, and as the penguins move toward the prey, their voices continue to grow. But do these voices attract other penguins? And can they be termed as talk? More research needs to be done on this now.

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