Pedestrian in the main road

The pedestrian lane was invented for the safety of the pedestrians who need to cross the road. But in the avenues and boulevards now, the pedestrians have the benefit of the footbridge which is an overpass bridge. There are signs in the main roads here that crossing the road can mean death, that is to discourage the public to cross the busy street and instead use the footbridge for their safety.

In the picture is not a pedestrian but obviously a beggar right in the center island of the main avenue in the metro. It makes me wonder how that buy was able to go to that place since the avenue is always busy and it is quite impossible to cross the road by food. But some people have the propensity to violate rules for the sake of rebellious intentions.

  • Do you have a footbridge for pedestrians?

    • Yes
    • only a pedestrian lane
    • No


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Written by Alex Socorro

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