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As you read this post, I sincerely hope you are sitting down. I’m saying this in all sincerity because the video I’m about to share with you is so devasting so as to cause you to topple to the ground at the sheer stupidity of some humans living among us. I’m not saying any more, 



Please allow me to say this in advance, 

“binge viewers” who have a habit of reading only titles or intro’s of my posts, or watch only a few seconds, of posted videos, then enquire about aspects, (fully revealed at the end of the said video), are in the habit of enquiring from me, as to what the final outcome was when they should have watched or read the full presentation, will not be answered in future. I believe it’s insulting for anyone to expect a writer to do so. 

Thank you, your co-operation is appreciated!

Andre’ Hartslief-aka-TRANQUILPEN

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