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Pastel Shades – Pastel Sky

This was an experimental first for me with pastel painting.

Be careful of the paper you use for pastel, as it was pastel paper but using my fingers, I felt I had rubbed my hand over sand paper.

Pastels are so lovely and easy to use. 

Here an imaginary land and sea scape by me. 

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Written by Pamela Moresby

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  1. Very well done. Looks like youve been using them for years. Pastels are difficult. I have used pastels, a long time ago. I did a pale pink rose, which was the first and last time I used them. lol. This is when I learned that I really like oils the best.

    • If you choose a rose I can understand that pastels would be hard.
      Maybe I should have said it depends what you choose your pastels for. Sometimes it is the materials we use, some are easier than others.
      No I would not do flowers with pastels but I could always try it.

      If you do choose to do detailed subjects with pastels, I suggest using pastel stick and also pastel pencils. For the fine line,, keep the pencils sharp

      • I went through this phase where I wanted to do things the old school way. Pen and inks with a quills, oils with only the 6 base colors, mixing my own, and pastels. I did use the sticks, they look like crayons right? I have never tried the pencils, though I have seen them in the art stores. I will have to take a picture of it today and post it tomorrow. I meant to do that yesterday, but got too busy and forgot. Thanks for the tips and landscape does seem way more fun than the rose was. Maybe I should give them another try. 🙂

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