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Paper Red Wasp

Red Wasps are from the family of Paper Wasps. They get their name from their color, and are an aggressive species when provoked and will sting. Their nests are built from wood and plant fibers and can be found under eaves, in old tires, nesting in warehouses, hollow trees and wooden structures. Red Wasps feed on as well as feed their larvae on sweet nectar and live prey.

I see these wasps a lot year round and I keep my distance. They will sting but my experience has been they have to be provoked, which I do not do. Others say you can just walk by them and they will sting. I have had stings many times through my childhood and adulthood as well. But I give them space and we all get along.


The photo below is a potter wasp on my sedum. Same story, I give it space and never get chased.

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Written by Carol DM

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  1. All wasps are aggressive; they’re like bees on steroids. Why don’t wasps almost go extinct? Nobody is going to miss those little pricks. That’s the problem with this world- bees are in danger of extinction and wasps do just fine…


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