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Panic buying and hoarding no more

It is good news to know that panic buying and hoarding seemed to have stopped in the supermarkets. Maybe the people were just shocked to learn of the upcoming lockdown so they were on a shopping spree last week. But now that the lockdown is already 1 week, the hype has gone down and the atmosphere is stabilizing.

It is the nature of man to be protective of his existence. And since food is the basic need of man for survival, there is the tendency to buy food when there is an expected lockdown. What if people are not allowed to go out to buy food? That is the rationale of panic buying and hoarding. So let’s hope that the panic will not come back anymore.

  • Is alcohol available in stores?

    • Yes


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Written by Alex Socorro

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  1. It makes me happier that it is dying down because I had no idea what to expect. I was one that wasn’t stressing and doing panic buying, but I was worried because those were essentials I use daily that were being hoarded.

  2. There is still no alcohol available here. Hopefully, supplies will arrive this week. Unlike last week, the queues in grocery stores are lengthy. Not to mention that some buyers bought three carts full of goods, yesterday there were barely a handful of buyers in one of the stores here.

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