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Pamper and love yourself

Life is not going to pamper us. But we can choose to pamper and love ourselves, for example; living that life with passion, drive, admiration – to admire yourself and let others to admire you.

It knocks you down, and you get up and walk, creep, limp, but walk. To nature, to guests, to the cinema, to the gym, to the psychologist’s office, to the cats’ shelter, to your inside, wherever you want, but move.

Even sharks die if they stop moving, and if we move forward without spiritual development, love, feeling and compassion, we die too – emotionally, even though we are physically living for a long time to come.

You do not blame anyone and anything, do not cry, but you go and go, seeking a way out and a light. Even where it looks, they can’t be.

After all, you are emitting the light that always burns within us, if we cherish it and not let the winds of emotion, ego or circumstance quench it.

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  1. I love your last two lines.. be the light to the nations.. the scriptures say We can only be the light to the world if we can master over ego , our emotions and rise above our circumstances.

  2. I do the best I can being on my own and take everything at its own pace. I start the day and end the day with prayer and I know the Lord guides me through my days. Me, myself, and I have become pretty good friends,