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Out on a Limb

Every so often, I feel like I have to go out on a limb and suggest something, even though the changes are between zero to nothing! Today is one of those days. We are better together. 

We are better when we are working together rather than against one another. When you approach Virily as a team you want all to succeed. Just once I would like to see that at least the core people who are here at least once or twice a week would make a great pay out. How does that happen. 

It happens when people who are not on this site come here and participate. How does that happen? Well we have to reach out to them and let them know. I know people on here are on other sites, and I don’t really remember anyone inviting me to see their site. I know many have blogs and I don’t see them inviting others to view or be a guest blogger. 

There must be a way that we can come together and even if it is just for one month we can help everyone that wants to participate be successful.  I am not smart enough to figure it out and I have tired many things. I think it takes a tribe with a goal and some strong leaders.

I see Carol DM as the matriarch of this site. I don’t know why I simply do. She and I have have something in common, Eeyore! 

So if I were creating a team of great thinkers to help us and lead the way I would be looking for a few characters. There must be a Christopher Robbin, with common sense and knowledge. There must be a tigger to teach us about endless energy. There must be a Kang and a Roo because we want it to work for generations. We must have a wise old owl, to keep us in line. We need rabbit to keep us fed and on track. Winnie the Pooh is not perfect and still everyone loves him. We need Winnie the Pooh to teach us teamwork and humility.

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    Is there a way to make everyone win and the site stronger?

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    Is there anyone here who willing to go into the 100 Acre woods as a team to be successful?

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    • Oh, I see if very differently. Because you are new here you have a fresh perspective and a lot to offer us that we may be missing. As I recall you also have a history with other sites (I might be wrong). I think you have a lot to share on the matter.)