Our pickled papaya

If you have read my post on pickled mangoes that we make, now this is about papaya that we also make into pickled papaya. But it is the very green one and not that papaya in the picture which would be ready to eat within 2 days. The green papaya is shredded or made into strips before soaking in the pickling solution. But the pickling solution has many ways and the only one I know is a mix of vinegar and sugar plus some flavoring of ginger.

The pickled papaya is best when there are other ingredients in the bottle. One of my favorites is the shallots or small red onions. It is crunchy and nice to go with fried fish or meat. Some people add red pepper, sliced carrots and even cucumber sometimes. But the main ingredient of the pickles is the green papaya strips.

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Written by Alex Socorro

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