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Our pet parrot

I was of preschool age when my father came home with a parrot. It was white and looking friendly but my father had it in a cage. It can bite, they said, and it is painful since the beak of the bird is hard. So kids like us should not touch the bird. My mother would be giving it food and water every day. It was in our small living room.

After sometime, my father tied a long thin rope on the leg of the parrot. He then let it move around the living room. It did not fly but it walked. Several day of doing that, my father decided to remove the cord and let the bird have the mobility. Right after releasing the leg of the parrot, it gathered strength and flew out the window. Just like the raven, our parrot was nevermore be seen. So now you know that parrots are smart.

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Written by Alex Socorro

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  1. Yes, I used to raise parrots! I still have a yellow nape Amazon. If you want a parrot to be tame and a pet, you clip one wing only so when it tries to fly it goes down. You have to really be observant to keep wing clipped. Just a bit of growing will allow it to take off and fly off like yours did.

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