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Our Lolly is scared of this gate – crasher

Our lolly is a mild cat.  He came with his mother when he was a wee bit of a kitten. We adopted him and now he as grown into a lovely cat.  He plays with his sister who was born here

But the moment he sees this gate – crasher who just barges inside, Lolly hides.  I am happy he does that as confronting would prove costly to Lolly.  We have seen tom cats fighting and wounding each other badly.  

Lolly is a cute pet but the only sad thing is he never lets us touch him and even his mother and sibling do the same. 

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  1. Yes, he looks adorable! I always thoughts cats like to be touched, unless for some that are afraid of strangers. I remember when I was young, those cats I met in my home town liked to be around with people, but now most cats I meet here in the city are afraid of people (strangers).

  2. Well hello sweet Lolly. My, aren’t you the prettiest kitty cat. It is a good thing you stay far from other cats as they might hurt you… But you really should try to be less intimidated by your little family whether animal or human. You are missing out on some great time. Nonetheless you are a very beautiful sweetie pie… Sorry grace I just love to talk to the animals whether they be dogs or cats or birds or raccoons or deers etc….

    • I loved listening to you. Here is the reply from Lolly.

      That gate crasher is huge Can’t you see it Even you would be scared of him. Thanks for all the nice things you said about me. I deserve them. Everyone out here love me dearly.

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