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Our Kids & Cell Phone

If it’s not one hospitalization it’s another! Uhg Seralilly had to have breathing treatments for walking pneumonia!! No school till Monday either. She should be ok now inhalers and antibiotics. So mad that the school wouldn’t let her call home! Said she wasn’t “sick enough” and needed to tough it out… This is exactly why kids NEED access to thier cell phones during the day.

  • Is your child use cell phone ?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Do you know how dangerous it is ?

    • Yes
    • No

What do you think?

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  1. I think you have presented both sides of the argument here well.

    1. For safety, there is a value in having a cell phone.
    2. For distraction, there is a danger in having a cell phone

    The reality of connection is a risk. The impact of disconnection is a risk. I suspect you could spend a month building out a series of articles on both the issues above.

    Limiting phone use is not the answer. Teaching children that there are times not to use their phones is the answer.

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