Our compost bin

The compost bin is a source of organic and natural fertilizer mostly from the courtesy of the earthworms. The fuel fo the compost bin are the vegetable trimmings and fruit rinds. Our compost bin is just a square piece of land where we throw anything edible that is of no use anymore like rotten vegetables and fruits. The earthworms eat those edibles and convert it to the so called vermicompost which is a good potting material because it is clean soil.

Another benefit of the compost bin is the growing vegetables and fruits. In the picture is a small cashew tree where the vine of the bitter gourd is climbing. It is surprising to see the bitter gourd with a fruit that in a few days would serve as chaser for our fried fish. At the back of the cashew tree is the small custard apple that is already fruiting. What more? The red pepper that is heavily fruiting is another by-product of the compost bin.

  • Do you have plants in your compost bin?


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Written by Alex Socorro

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