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Open the Door ~ Black & White Friday

In fact, all potentials of the self have been implanted in the human subconscious mind. Unfortunately, life has closed more the door to the opportunity to grow such self-potential by allowing negative ideas or concepts to be born and even fertilizing them. Compare with our bodies that develop naturally without the involvement of the mind. The body is also able to move and operate its healing potential fully.

With this natural concept, truly we can really make all our potentials flourish by only allowing the natural seeds of consciousness and positive thoughts to have the opportunity to be born and develop naturally without suppressing them with fear, anxiety, negative ideas, and lack of sincerity towards the change of life.

The conscious mind under the guidance of the unconscious intelligence will be directed to the right solution according to the existing problems and must be faced. This is the secret of the sincerity of the mind and heart to receive the guidance of conscience. Generating negative conscious thought ideas or importing similar things from the outside will only close the door that can open the light of conscience from within. If that happens, the conscious mind will remain on the dark side until no solution can be seen by it. We need sincerity as a key to open the door of conscience for the guiding light of life to emanate from within.

  • How fertile is your potential to grow and develop in such a way as to be able to be a life guide?

    • Very
    • Fertile
    • Quite fertile
    • Less fertile
    • Infertile
    • Not grow


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