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Oops! They Did It Again!

I won’t be talking about the song here. Instead, I’ll be talking about the changes that happened again in Virily today!

I wrote three posts earlier today. As I did those posts, I  was checking some old posts that I want to link to one of my latest posts. I realized then what the others meant by missing posts. Well, they were not actually missing, but some of the posts are not appearing on the lists of posts.

After going around the site, I saw those missing posts and I thought I should share what I found out.

However, when I logged in again this evening, the link the POSTS under the More submenu is gone! I’m talking about the menu that you can see on your profile page.

I use that link to go to my Drafts and Pending posts. Also, on that link, I found the ‘missing’ posts!

The problem now is, that link is now missing!


Image Credit: Feature Image by Peggy und Marco Lachmann-Anke from Pixabay

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