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One more purple for Kim’s colour crazy challenge

I am noted for giving dignity to flowers that are classified as wild and/or invasive.  This flower known as Vinca major is one such but I do not find anything wrong with it that it should be discarded the moment it shows up.

It is also called California weed and I understand all out efforts are made out there to eradicate this ‘weed’ fully.  You can read more about it here

But Vinca Major is there to stay at Solitaire.  We also have the white colour

  • We should keep in check the growth of these invasive plants but never get rid of them. Do you agree?

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Written by grace


  1. I have had this flower in my garden before and it wasn’t a weed. Unless it is a different variety perhaps. It was sold as a plant. Very pretty color. My honeysuckle can get invasive but I keep it cut back.