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On the road by Jack Kerouac

I have just read On the Road by Jack Kerouac. On the road is deemed the Bible of Beat generation, a generation interested in partying, having a good time and travel. This novel tells the story of a person who travels throughout America several times.

In the first part, he travels doing autostop. Soon thereafter, he travels America with an iconic beat character, Dean Moriarty, in a car. I love the two first parts of the novel, but later on, the travels seem to have no point. The book is comprised of 5 chapters. The characters travel all the time.

It is an interesting book, and it is very beautiful to discover the places the characters visit but I thought the book was going to be better and I do not think Dean Moriarty is so special.

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Written by Halcombe Norilsk

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  1. On the road, it is the classic tale of a young person realizing there is more to where they are then, where they are.

    It is the story of coming of age in a time of turmoil. You see yes, the beat generation was about parties and freedom. But they were also in open rebellion against a government.

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