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A NEW IMPORTANT UPDATE on (notifications, the virils page and) the Possibly Changed Daily Limit for Commenting…!!!!!!!!!!

This is just a quick note, seems the daily limit for commenting other people’s articles is changed and reduced for its half, no one informed us and the admins are currently not answering me about it…!

I will edit and elaborate on this article and theme later!!!

Update no. 1: 

I still haven’t managed to write this post but until I write it just another quick note… I have just tried commenting other people’s posts again and counted well Virils I got for them… I started commenting after Midnight, I opened only one Poll before I started commenting and received several notifications about Virils earned for opening and one comment on my newest article in the meantime… Besides that, I didn’t comment any of my own posts… The number of Virils I got for commenting other people’s posts stopped counting when I reached the 28th Viril on other people’s posts now which has no logic at all now………!

Also!…: Some are claiming they didn’t notice this and that they are getting Virils for all of their (for example) 30 comments they made, so since the previous time it happened I got less than 28 (but that time I was commenting on my own posts at the same time too – which affects the number of “free” comments for other people’s articles as I already wrote in one of my articles) I have no clue what this is about now and, At Least, we should be informed about it if it’s a mistake…!

I also made a couple of Replies to my own comments as an additional comment but I didn’t get Virils for them so the only logic is if that is calculated into the “possible “NEW” 30 comments a day limit”….. :/

Update no. 2: 

NOTE!!!: THIS LIMIT IS REFERRED ONLY TO COMMENTING ON OTHER PEOPLE’S ARTICLES – NOT OUR OWN ARTICLES TOO!!! But as I already stated in the article on the link above commenting our own articles FIRST (replying to the comments we get) can affect the number of “free” Virils for commenting other people’s posts…!

Update no. 3:



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    • No
    • Wasn’t looking


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    • That is what I thought too but not sure when it started happening… I think it started around 10 days ago or even more… Hmmm, not sure what you mean, I do see all my notifications…? :/ Do you mean for Virils you receive…? If yes then they are on another page: click “More” in the Profile Menu and then “Virils” in that sub-menu, there are all Virils you receive…

    • Hey, sorry for the late reply…! Good to see you… 🙂 I don’t comment nor view if I don’t get anything for it (except in some situations where you generally wouldn’t earn, like too many comments in one thread and similar…), the problem is earnings will be lower now as the Viril value is too. There is nothing to fix, I think they simply reduced the limits and with the Viril value lower too it will probably be harder to earn already low earnings here…
      I am generally not satisfied with so many other things here so I might leave as well but still not sure since there are still some things I still like…

    • Hey, thanks for visiting and commenting, and sorry for the late reply…! Yes, I noticed you are not that active, seems the limits are definitely reduced now and with the lower Viril value now it will probably be even harder to earn here now……… You are welcome and thanks…! 🙂

    • What are you talking about which notifications…??? Like I already said, when you view and comment other people’s posts you get Virils but not notifications too and can see them on the “VIRILS” page (“More” > “Virils”) – I already explained that in the previous articles where you commented the same thing even though that is exactly what I wrote about and thoroughly explained in those posts…!

    • You are very welcome, I hope you saw the newest update…!
      No, that doesn’t have anything to do with this… The message you got is something that happens when you are trying to post comments too quickly and is normal but this is another thing and it is referred only to Virils and started happening just recently!

  1. The voting is very interesting………:

    Q: Did you notice the daily limit for commenting is changed and smaller now…??!

    Yes (10 votes) – 34%
    No (10 votes) – 34%
    Wasn’t looking (9 votes) – 31%

    Seems like it’s different on different profiles and the admins are still not answering about it… 😐

    • I’m not sure why that happens, not sure if it has anything to do with the “reduced daily limit” but it shouldn’t have… Could be it’s just some kind of a temporary glitch… :/ Keep trying and if it stays the same maybe you could inform the admins… Thank you very much and welcome…!!! 🙂

  2. Thanks for your research! I didn’t notice. I don’t comment much anyway.
    30 comments a day sound like many, but they can definitely feel limited on our very active days. It might help to prevent spamming, or repeated comments for the sake of earning virils, but when all users are affected by the actions of few, it’s saddening. Earning from comments is a nice little incentive.
    It would be cool to have something like ForumCoin, where the first 10 posts/replies earn a full point each but, after those 10, you only get 1/4. I doubt fractions will ever be implemented, too much work for something unimportant, but I like dreaming.

    I think there are too many things we aren’t notified about, it’s like playing a mystery game. 😄

    • You are very welcome!!!… 😀 Yes, I have just started commenting recently and while I’m still not able to comment much yet I noticed it… I have to re-write this article with a more thorough report on this theme but just not able yet… Also waiting for the admins’ answers, after I wrote them about this like 3 times one asked me “What’s the problem?”, and I’m like “I already wrote you” but explained it once more and no answer again…! 😐
      The daily limit was 50, and now I can’t even say if it’s 20, 25 or 30 since it’s different every time and on different profiles, so it’s not even clear if it’s a bug or a change…! We can’t know what is happening until they answer about it or some CONSTANT amount appears…! :/ I partially agree when it comes to repeated comments or similar but the real problem is not having answers…! 😐 I am not sure if they would do it due to the reasons you named here even though it occurred to me too… :/
      I am not sure how ForumCoin works and if that is referred to each commenter or the overall number of comments on one post so it’s like “who gets there first”… – I guess it’s like that (the same) per commenter…? It is a nice option but there is already something else here… – you don’t get any after the third comment but there is Another very Unfair one…!: you get 3 per post but you get only 1 if you comment as a reply under your own comment (when it’s a reply to the first comment you put there) so (I think) all the next comments are not even calculated no matter if they are replies to the author’s next replies…! – I actually think it’s some kind of a mistake in the program because this way you are not able to get 3 points you deserve… 😐
      PS About that ForumCoin… – I am not sure if I made a profile there or it was another site with a similar name but it seemed like there is not much activity nor earnings there…? :/ Am I right or there is something I don’t know, hehehe? ;/)

      I Completely Agree and that is completely unprofessional and Unfair…! I’m tired of it and even losing
      my will to use this site anymore… 😐

      • The ForumCoin “feature” I described works for every individual account’s activity, it is not a thread thing, though threads get so long many replies are lost. 😄
        I haven’t been there in a while, anyway, perhaps things changed there as well. The last time I was there they added a rule that forces you to buy and own an ad space (link) or you won’t be able to withdraw your earnings. It’s like having an extra commission when you cash-out.

        It seems like Virily has more of a blog platform approach, “long” conversations below a post aren’t incentivized. Kind of fair though, this is not a forum site, after all.

        • Oh, ok… 🙂
          Could be… WhaaaaaaaaaaaaaTTT?????????! Are they insaneeeeeeeee??????????! That is outrageous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ! !

          Well, Virily -IS- a blogging site but many users are acting like it’s myLot, which it is NOT…! This is not a forum site although not sure it is the reason such comments are not paid because they were paid before… They probably reduced that because users earn much that way…

          • LOL I didn’t think ForumCoin’s idea was bad, their main goal was to use their “currency” to buy and sell services, not merely to cash-out.
            I guess they’re free to do as they please, but that new rule decreased my motivation, that was low already. 😄

            Right, I think Virily is reviewing the earning system as well. They probably want more content (posts) than comments, some people just earn by viewing and commenting and almost never post… like me. 🙄

          • What about limits on virils for the comments we receive on our posts? That could be harder to figure out, but I know there could be limits for passive earnings such as receiving views and comments. I think the earning system has changed almost entirely. It would help to have some sort of “cheat-sheet” made by admins that tells users how many virils they can earn per activity, and the limits, but it has never existed and is likely to never exist. 😅

          • Yes, it’s either a glitch or some comments give the rewards and some don’t. I mean, was the comment you weren’t rewarded for the first one, or was it a reply to another comment? Or was it targeted to an user you commented to more than once today? And so forth. 😅

        • Oh, so sorry, seems I’m Very late with this one!!!!!!!!!……………. :|((
          Let’s see……… there is a couple of comments I actually said I will answer later… Good that I even noticed this…..!!! 😀
          It’s hard to remember and get in touch with what this all was about but, let’s see… 30 comments is ok, but like you said, it could not be enough on the very active days…
          I actually like the idea about comments in the thread on ForumCoin (I think I didn’t understand it well the first time I answered about it…!) , since here you get points only for the first 3 comments (except I think it’s different with lists and galleries) and seems the thing I explained above (the reply to your own comment thing) is now fixed although I actually don’t care much about anything here anymore for the reasons I already told you… And answers and information would certainly be good to provide but I won’t even go there since you know how disappointed I became with it all now…

          I think that ForumCoin feature that forces you to buy something additional to cash out IS bad… It’s like blackmail…!!! >:|| Since it did decrease your motivation there than it probably is bad, right…? 😉
          Hehehe, that is actually a good idea…, it never occurred to me but could be they are thinking that way… – wanting more content although that limit is reduced now too so not quite sure…

          I think there is no limit for the comments on our own posts… There was no such limit for comments nor views… I don’t believe the whole earning system changed except the limits for the things WE do are reduced probably because of the low Viril value… Actually, all limits and the way we earn points are written in the FAQ except the FAQ hasn’t been updated for a very long time, as the usual unprofessionalism rules here…!!! 😐

          Your ideas and their complexity are completely out of this site’s and admins’ reach here………. We earn points for the first 3 comments in each post, except if it’s a list or a gallery where you earn on comments made on photos too, like it’s a separate post, and the commenting limit seem to definitely be 30 and is counted for the first 30 comments wherever and to whomever you made them…

    • It’s ok and sorry you had that a problem…! Maybe you will notice something now and let us know… I’m trying to get some answers from the admin team but so far there was one question “What’s the problem?” after I already explained the problem 3 times… Now, after explaining it one more time no answers again…!!! :/|

    • Yes, that can post in 1 day (24h)… It was 50 and now I don’t know how much is it (I wrote the situation in the article)…: once it was around or even under 25 but then I was commenting my own articles at the same time and now it was 28, one other user claims he got 30 for all the 30 articles he commented, and no one is answering nor informaing us about this…..!!! 😐

    • Well, that is awful… Not sure why that happens to you but could be it’s because of your computer not Virily itself since you say everything works fine when you clear the history…? :/
      I am angry they are not telling us anything about this and they Should!…

      I am using all the workarounds that I can but it really annoys me… 😐

          • Well, I come here for the new trends and to interact with real people and real events. I got the news about the volcano in Australia here before the news hit Israel so I like it. The Virils are important, but not the only reason I choose this site rather than other paid to write sites.

      • Yes, I understand and agree with you on that (of course…) and for me it is a way to show/present my creativity and my arts and crafts, but since I have so many other obligations and don’t have much time to spend here while I already and actually do – more than I can and should, and it takes a lot of time and effort to earn here too, then, of course, I do care about Virils too, especially when not informed about such things while it shouldn’t be like that… 😐

    • The limit was 50 and now it seems it is Not Defined at all so it could also be a glitch but we can’t know that if admins are not answering about this and they are not which is completely unacceptable…!!! I wrote in the article what happened- how much I got the first and the second time I commented and what one other user said so we actually Don’t Know Anything…!

      No, the bonus is still there!

    • Well I do that in some other places for free and here I do it too much not just when something interests me but when it is a person I care about, but that is not the problem…, the problem is this is an earning site and Not Informing us about the possibly changed limits, earnings, mistakes, glitches which ARE affecting our earnings AND our spent time here after all – and I already DO spend A LOT of my time here, even more than I should and neglecting so many of my other important obligations because of it (to earn too of course!!!!!), “I think” we should Definitely be informed about such things and not Ignored…!

        • Thanks for understanding and glad you agree… 🙂 When it comes to earnings it is a usual and normal thing until the correct amount updates at the end of each month… There is the way the dashboard works, I wrote about it, so you can browse those posts to read my thorough explanations and reports (there is a couple of them) but the summary kinda is that some amounts are not shown yet because they need to be summed up with some other previous earnings and the Total shows TWO kinds of earnings so sometimes it is just temporary reduced for the amount that needs to be summed up with some other previous earnings and that updates at the end of the month…

          Maybe it would be more clear if you read those articles I wrote, it’s hard to explain but it is actually very simple… If you think some earnings are actually missing you can also always contact the admins and support… But I can help you calculate it to be sure if something is missing too…

          • Thanks for the information. I had actually been able to understand little by little but the new features made it a bit complicated for me I cannot even find my draft, according to the editor I can go to it through profile but still I cannot find.

        • Ok… Hope you now understood the earnings too… 🙂
          I already wrote about that too… The Drafts are in the More section of the Profile Menu, when you click on More there is the Sub-Menu and there click on Posts. There you will find all your posts: Approved, Pending and Drafts. Under each post there are the three dots. When you hover over them there is also the sub-menu and there you choose what you want to do with the article. You can now edit and delete both Drafts and already Published – Approved posts…!

    • I do that too on some occasions but since I already spend a lot of my time here neglecting other obligations I don’t want to waste my time while not getting Virils too…
      Thank you very much, I am glad you think so, I just think and hope someone will NOTIFY us as we certainly deserve that…! …Since some are claiming they didn’t notice it and like they are getting Virils for all of their (for example) 30 comments, so since the previous time I got less than 28 I got now (but that time I was commenting on my own posts at the same time too – which affects the number of “free” comments for other people’s articles) I have no clue what this is about now………! :/ 😐

    • Thanks, that is good to know since I wasn’t sure if I was the only one to experience that… But now I read in Doc’s post that he supposedly didn’t bump into that problem and received 30 Virils for posting 30 comments so I’m not sure if it’s a glitch or a change, but admins usually don’t answer when it’s something like that – a glitch or a problem so could be it’s that…!!! 😐 I’m just very angry they are not answering about it now!!!!!!!!! 😐
      I’m also angry he is reporting all my (even genuine) comments and I commented about that too in his post…!

    • It takes a lot of time for everything here so I would not like to waste (a lot of) my time that I’m already wasting and not being paid too, I do have so many other obligations that I’m actually neglecting just to earn a couple of bucks here… At the same time I do care about some people here… It’s not the main motivator, but it is also a very important limiting circumstance…
      On social networks, something else is the main motivator and its Purpose is different… And sometimes money could be the main goal too…

        • I wasn’t commenting it in the terms of not being able to earn or thinking to leave, I was just explaining on your comment and the fact that the limit is now small and we are not even informed about it…! What I meant is that I will comment for only as many Virils I can get for it, but there are exceptions too, I do comment for free too… Also, I don’t think you are right about that comparison…

          • …What I meant is that I think there is no direct connection between those two things when it comes to admins’ acts… I also now read one other user is actually getting regular 50 Viirls so could be it is some kind of a glitch but we can’t know for sure since admins are not telling us anything when it comes to THAT!… :|||

          • I see, I hope it’s just a glitch. I just take this site as a platform to post things that interest me and find likeminded people. Maybe if people are actually able to make some revenue here, they are affected by the changes. I think that if I personally took it as some kind of job, I would have left a long time ago.

    • Hehehe, yes, I noticed that… 🙂 I wasn’t too and currently am mostly writing but a couple of days ago I finally got to comment other people’s articles and at one point noticed they stopped counting much before the 50 comments a day limit…! I asked the admins 3 times about it but no one is answering… 😐

      • Not answering is the norm … I guess if its smaller, there is also nothing much we can do…
        but I guess we could expect lesser comments …

        perhaps that’s why they aren’t notifying us, because people might just stop commenting as much … ?

        • At least we could be notified as that information should be Updated in the FAQ…!!! 😐 Yes, and not sure how it will “improve” the already smaller Viril value…! 😐

          Whatever it is it is completely unfair at the least…!!! 😐 Not telling such things is actually very bad from their side and that is why I’m hoping it’s actually just something temporary (although I doubt that having in mind their usual behavior…!)……! 😐

      • The flow of virils have sort of stopped for me and even if I comment there is no addition of virils. Also since mails do not work I have to use comments to communicate with Virily. Looking at the flow of comments here ,I think it must be true for everyone.

    • Yes! That was the maximum but two days ago I got only around 25. I don’t know what it is about, admins are not answering me about it and I don’t think that’s fair at all not telling us about it but could be it’s just something temporary so we’ll see… I will check it again and edit this article later with some more info…!
      Thanks! 🙂

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