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On Edited Posts…

I’m putting the pale green variant of my T-shirt design here because when you post an Edited post it’s something like that, kinda pale… :/ What I wanted to write, actually elaborate here is something I already mentioned and asked about in one of my latest posts, A Little More on the Changes and Glitches and What I/We Would Like to Be Changed and Fixed on Virily, where I posted 3 questions about Edited posts where the answers kinda didn’t fit… When I asked about minding Edited posts showing in the Latest and in the Most Commented ones most of you answered “No”, but when asked about changing those two things most of you answered either “Yes” either “Not sure” which kinda wasn’t that logical…

I already expressed my opinion about Edited posts showing in the Latest and the Most Commented ones in the post I mentioned above, but I also read what some other authors wrote about it and some of the comments so I wanted to express some other sides of it here…

First…, when you Edit a post other people should know/be Informed about it, about the new Info and/or the Updates you put there and the only way for it is to show up in the Latest – that is what the Latest page is for, right… 

Then, also, the Latest page is for posts to be noticed… If my post somehow isn’t noticed enough and (for example, since I write a lot about Virily) I care about my posts (the information in them) being read, I don’t think it’s that bad “re-publishing” it because it’s actually like publishing a new article, only instead you’re not publishing “a new one” which you’ll actually get more Virils for but publishing again the one that didn’t get to its readers…

The only thing that I mind a little, is that some of those articles immediately get in the Most Commented ones pushing the brand new ones that I think deserve more attention than re-published ones, and actually stay there longer than they usually would since the time of its publishing is counted since the time of re-publishing, like the article has been just published…

I am also not sure what I think when old posts that are edited get there but could be that situation is a little more acceptable since those are old posts published long ago so the new attention they get is kinda OK I think…

I was also editing a lot my latest articles because I was adding some new info and updates in them so I hope you don’t mind it that much… :/ 

Update…: …Especially when I’m not publishing new articles while instead only editing/updating the latest ones…!

Also, some additional info and explanations are added in the comments, it’s hard to explain every point of view and different perspectives until you bump into the need for Editing – like the old posts in which photos became invisible after the first change of the site long ago, or a post you decide you don’t want to be published anymore until you first post something else or for a certain time, or a new info/update that needs to be added or it’s better to be added instead of writing a new article about it, etc, etc… Hopefully, people will notice and understand so many different perspectives of it with time…

Thanks for visiting…!

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  • What do you think about these things…?

    • I’m fine with them
    • Don’t like it
    • Partially like/don’t like them
    • Not sure
    • I’ll write it in the comments…


What do you think?

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    • I don’t agree… If a post is updated then it IS kinda new… It is also a nice way for old posts to get some “fresh” look… No, it doesn’t earn Anything except for the new views and comments (that is when a post is “new” but if it is old and edited I think it earns as a new post) so the only purpose of edited/updated posts is for you to know the NEWS or what is corrected. If admins put it that way I guess they wanted it that way and know why they did it that way…

  1. Votes…!:

    Users voted 17 times.
    Q: What do you think about these things…?

    I’m fine with them (8 votes) – 47%
    Don’t like it (1 votes) – 6%
    Not sure (2 votes) – 12%
    Partially like/don’t like them (2 votes) – 12%
    I’ll write it in the comments… (4 votes) – 24%

    • I don’t think it’s that big mess… You can edit any posts you like, that is what it’s made for, as well as to delete the ones you want if you want that… If they thought it was wrong (I guess) they wouldn’t put it that way… I only think it’s probably not that fair when such articles immediately appear in the Most Commented but when I tried to think of it thoroughly I think it’s maybe not even that bad having in mind some other positive sides of it – for example some important informationgetting to all the users…! 😉 And maybe they actually think that is how it should be…

        • Thanks. I actually don’t know what to think about it now since I saw how they think about some of the things that THEY didn’t solve right, like for example they put it wrong but expect we to act right so I really don’t know nor want to think about what’s in their minds about this too as it should be only their responsibility!…

          When it comes to editing, of course you will write a new post but you certainly won’t make a new post just to correct the issue in some previous post you already posted, that would actually be a double post and content so that is what the edit option is for…

        • I War actually probably the first one to wish for it when those people who now blocked me (at least one of them) were playing their nonsense and unfairness over me but the button wasn’t there so I was Reacting very hard on them and now it turned out like I am the “bully”… I was against any reporting for example while the second one is the one who promoted it (for example for copy-pasted comments) instead of kindness… I would never bother with such things and report such things… I was like “you are playing moral over 1 stupid viril?!?” And it hurted me he couldnt understand that and not just that but there were some other “interpretations” of his too…Now he’s the one talking about “moral” and “negativity” of other users………!

        • PS It also never occurred to me to block or report anyone until such things started happening here….. What those people were telling me and that are now telling other users really affected me in a negative way frustrating me for the whole of my time I am spending here…..! I don’t understand how someone can blame other people for their negativity while they are the ones actually promoting it and always looking at things negatively………!

  2. I guess we have totally opposite views on this. 😀
    I answered yes and no in the previous poll: I’m fine with edited posts appearing among the Most Commented because I don’t check that section. Kinda selfish, I know. 😅
    Well, when it comes to the Most Commented, I’d prefer an algorithm that takes into consideration how hot a discussion is at the moment, so whether it is old or new, it means people have been active there recently. But that’s quite complex, I’m fine with things being this way.
    I think old articles that get edited shouldn’t be among the Latest because, by definition, they’re not. Perhaps we need a different section like “Updated” or “Recycled”.

    But, for sure, it’s a bliss we’re able to edit our posts on our own now.
    I don’t know/remember if it works the same for unverified users, if we still have to “submit” edited drafts for the editor to check.

    • Haha, well it’s a shame because we mostly agree on things… 😀 ;/( 🙂
      Hahhaa, don’t be selfish…! ;P 😀
      Actually, yes, I think it does count it something like that (actually hot/trending discussions are in the Trending/Hot whether they are in the Most Commented currently or not – there are actually the most visited post – posts with the most of views not neccessarily comments too…! So I actually think your algorithm would be the most “fair” and correct one, not sure why they don’t implement it that way…:/ Maybe we could write a post about it but I’m currently busy with writing so many other posts…), but the problem is when you “re-post” the same post, if there were many comments it goes straight to the Most Commented ones and stays there for the new 24h… 😐
      Hmmm, could be that idea is interesting but not sure how much they are willing to put some new sections here too… (you know how they work…..! 😐 ) :/ I agree it is a good idea but since there are no such sections those edited posts ARE kinda “new”… – if edited/updated/changed with some new info that should be noticed – informed about…

      Yes, I agree… 🙂
      Hmmm, that is a good question… I don’t know but I hope someone will inform us…! :/
      Will you write about these things or I should write about them later… You presented some interesting things here…!?

        • Who would need to visit recycled posts? Updated maybe but I am not sure I would check such page. I think it is clear that the post is updated because it has already a lot of views and votes. If I don’t like an updated post, I just pass by and open what I like. To me, I don’t see any problems with updated posts.

          • She probably just couldn’t find the right name for it but probably meant the same/something similar as Updated… 🙂
            I agree with you when it comes to updated posts – it’s clear it’s updated and who is not interested in it can certainly skip it…, I don’t see why some people are looking at it so negatively… (I don’t mean Sabtraversa by it!!!) Especially when you are actually earning LESS by not posting a new post but editing an already posted one… 😐

        • It’s not just about earning, especially if it’s from new poorly written posts. I think fixing old posts, especially ones with messed up quizzes or missing photos, is great for everyone. So what if an edited post appears in latest? It’s new in terms of being of better quality. There are indeed glitches that are the admin’s responsibility, but if users only care about ranks and virils, and not quality, I don’t think the site will get better.

          • Yes, I completely agree with you, and Fortune wrote something similar above too…! 🙂 Unfortunately I had to write this post because of the ones who don’t think nor see things that way… – the ones who are always looking at things negatively here…!!! 😐
            I also think those things could be no glitches at all… Maybe they wanted it that way and why even discussing something that is put like that by Admins themselves… That is their responsibility after all…!

          • PS I mentioned earning because some people are really against it and consider it as a misuse of the feature… Probably because those posts are sometimes showing up in the Most Commented ones… I will admit I do that in purpose sometimes because I care these things to be read… I also don’t post that much nor that often so I don’t think it should be looked only as misuse although I do feel bad if doing it often so kinda trying to make a balance… :/

      • Well, yeah, about new sections… Maybe it would suffice to add some sort of mini-logo, mini-icon that suggests a post is not new but edited, but another place where to put these edited posts (or no place at all) would help keep the Latest section “clean”.
        I don’t know if I’m going to write about it, I haven’t been posting much lately and I hardly ever post about Virily, but I do understand you’re busy as well.

        • I know, but there is already an upvote on edited posts and if it isn’t it’s probably (but not necessarily) not visited so it’s “new” in those terms then… I guess if they put it that way they know what they’re doing although not sure that’s always the situation……… ;/||| There are not that many edited posts currently… Also, I’m not sure if people would visit such a page but I like the idea of the mini logo/icon like quizzes have…! 🙂

          No, I’m just asking because I don’t want to “steal” your idea… If I would write about it I would certainly mention it was someone elses idea…

    • I agree with you! I finally noticed the “most commented” section yesterday. XD People will always find something to complain about. We wanted to edit posts for so long, and even if I haven’t edited any of mine yet, I think it’s great that we are finally able to.

      • I understand both sides of the coin, new features tend to come with “glitches” or just don’t happen to be always perfect, I think it’s good to discuss about them but, at the same time, these needed features being implemented are good news on their own. 😄

        • I don’t know… Maybe they wanted them that way and why to complain then… If not, they should have thought about that more thoroughly and more inteligently so they can always change that – but we know how they’re “doing fixes”………!!! 😐

      • Yes, that is true, I agree with you, they will always find something even if we asked for it long ago…! 😐 I actually now noticed a couple of people voted “No” in my other post – the one about the new banner notifications, while we all complained when no one was informing us That Way about the problems here…!!!

        • I personally don’t care about a banner, but I think that the admins should take an action when it’s important for so many users of the site. Transparency is always good, otherwise only certain people are in contact with the admins and we are playing the broken phone game.

          • Yes, but the banner was a suggestion of the way of informing us about certain things… I agree we should always get answers – but that is about individual things, this was about general things we are all experiencing here… Doesn’t matter if it’s the banner or something else but the point is some voted “No” for something we asked and crucially need…

        • Yeah, it’s defiitely more convenient for the admins to inform us all at once with a banner instead of replying to individual questions. For example, I don’t know how to send compliments now or whether we still can.

          • I always send them via PM’s or the support e-mail… Sometimes they answer sometimes they don’t – usually when it’s something “suspicious”………. 😐

          • …like now… – with the “reduced daily limit”…! They are not answering while one other user receives Virils like it’s not reduced at all……….. – well, at least, that is what he claims and it is a question if he counted them well……….

        • I only contacted them once when I wanted a post removed. It was back when there was still a chat section with the admins, and I wrote them both in the chat and on the mail. So I think it’s not worth it for me to try anymore. Great that there are people who keep trying tho!

    • Yes, I know, it’s always overwhelming with them… Hopefully all the glitches will be fixed…! :/ 😐 It’s good we can edit all we think should be edited and/or updated now… Or put our posts back to drafts and publish them later…

  3. What I like about the edit feature is that when I post an article at that moment I sometimes see a problem and then I quickly go and edit it before anything else can happen. we are lucky to have this feature. Today I posted on another site that has a group dashboard. I saw that my featured image seemed to be too large and I wanted to change that and then I saw that even though I could see my post I could find no way to edit it

    • Yes, I agree it’s useful…! It was needed long ago… It’s bad when you can’t edit mistakes or update things for example, although we all kinda got used to it here… For me it’s great I can edit my posts where the photos are missing which was due to their mistake when they changed the site the first time like it’s now with the missing posts… :||| I see some people see editing old posts as a bad thing but I am a free thinker and I don’t see things that way….. I look at the positive sides of it…

  4. I got some comments on edited posts where our members did not understand why my old posts are published again. May they do not like it, I am not sure. I will not edit any of my posts because of some grammatical mistakes. I will edit only those who miss photos. Because it is a serious problem. Anyway, it is easy to pass by edited posts so I hope members will not be frustrated about them.

    • I know, it was confusing at first but they shouldn’t be frustrated since the feature is enabled for all of us to give our articles a new look and maybe turn them into something updated… I agree about the missing photos but I also agree we can edit whatever we want to edit/change/add/etc…

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