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Older are wiser and full of hopes- what say?

Oh yes, although I am not going to tell you my age in this post but what I can tell you now is that I am going to retire from my regular job…soon!

Sure, it’s going to be a big turning point for me but what I feel is that we should retire the word ‘retire’ since we are living longer and getting involved in various activities later… post retirement.

Let me admit, I am fast approaching that point and I feel that I am no tired at all!

So… when I am not working regularly and life doesn’t feel like before, what I am going to do?

I have my plans. Like I will go watch the world and watch it with a different angle because these trips will no more be business related like before!

Perhaps I need more suggestions into the matter so over to you dear friends. Hit me and hit me hard with your suggestions and ideas.

By the way do you have any ideas to make me wiser?

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  1. Although I have a retirement income, I work. When I have a day off – I work 24 and the next 24 I go and take pictures. I always find something interesting that I’m involved with. I always read a book before bed. Think about what will make you happy and do it.

  2. I suspect you are reaching the tipping point. We are told at a certain age that we must stop working and retire.

    But we are not ready. We have more to give to the world.
    So don’t retiree! Continue to do things that you wish to contribute tot he world. Perhaps there is no paycheck no vacation time accrued, but in the end, we continue past the point society stops!

    • You’re right but I am a bit selfish! I have plans to take more from the world before I plan to give some of it back to the world. You know the world is full of pleasantries that I am looking at with greedy eyes.Thanks a lot!


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